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Seeing the Invisible: The Role of Recognition in Healing from Neglect and Deprivation: An online presentation followed by live discussion with Kari Gleiser, PhD., C.Psych


Attachment experiences between caregiver and child are powerful sculptors of personality, and become key determinants in how an individual relates to self, other and emotions over a lifetime. When a child’s early attachment relationships are characterized by recurrent “errors of omission” – neglect, deprivation, misattunement, and lack of affection, recognition and/or affirmation — that child can develop areas of psychic darkness or invisibility, in which parts of the self that are not seen and mirrored become dissociated. Such children, and later adults, may struggle with chronic and profound feelings of emptiness, detachment, unbearable aloneness, identity diffusion and avoidant attachment patterns. Because such attachment wounds are, by their very nature, absences, they can easily go undetected, leaving individuals who have lived through them with incomplete life narratives. Such “invisible” traumas are hard to heal because they are hard to see, and left unrecognized, can become self-perpetuating, both relationally and intra-relationally.

Kari Gleiser, Ph.D.C.Psych.,specializes in applying AEDP to the treatment of complex trauma, dissociative disorders and personality disorders. She is the co-founder and co-director of the Center for Integrative Health in Hanover, New Hampshire, a trauma center dedicated to multi-modal healing of mind, body and spirit.  In collaboration with Jerry Lamagna, Dr. Gleiser has developed an “intra-relational” model of therapy, which imports AEDP’s relational and experiential interventions to patients’ internal systems of dissociated self-states.  Outside of work, Kari spends her time running and hiking on mountain trails.

Following the seminar, we will have refreshments and time to connect with our AEDP community.


Date:March 24th, 2019


Location: Miles Nadal JCC, 750 Spadina Avenue, Room: 318

Cost:$40 (to cover our costs)