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Blinded by the light: A Primer on AEDP work with Complex Trauma & Dissociation - Jerry Lamagna, LCSW

AEDP is a psychotherapeutic approach guided by the principle, “Stay with it and stay with me”. While such experiential invitations are very helpful in fostering change for many patients in therapy, they run completely counter to everything survivors of complex trauma have needed to do to survive horrific abuse, neglect and personal betrayal.

In this workshop, Jerry Lamagna LCSW provides a primer on treating complex trauma, suggesting important modifications to AEDP that focuses the therapeutic work on stabilization, titrated relational contact, the establishment of internal and external safety/communication/collaboration and self building in preparation for later work with trauma processing and integration.


Jerry Lamagna, LCSW

Jerry Lamagna LCSW, is a senior faculty member with the AEDP Institute and a psychotherapist in private practice in New Jersey and New York City. He has presented at psychotherapy conferences throughout North America for over a decade and is author/co-author of three published articles on AEDP and its application in treating complex trauma.

A DVD of his teaching and live clinical work was released in 2015 as a resource for clinicians interested in integrating AEDP into their work with patients.